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Dr. Prabhakar B KoreChairman, KLE Society, Belagavi, Chancellor, KLE University, Belagavi, Chancellor, KLE Technological University, Hubballi, Member, Rajya Sabha.

On the 13th November, 1916, a pioneering effort was begun, that would change the educational landscape of North Karnataka. This was the day the first institution of the KLE Society was established. From humble beginnings rooted in the sacrifice of its founders, the Society now runs over 268 institutions across Karnataka and overseas ranging from kindergarten to post-doctoral research. The underlying philosophy being, to encourage individual learning that would transform individuals. This in turn, would transform society and bring about a positive change.

Currently over 1,25,000 students are pursuing their academic dream in these institutions that impart quality education in areas ranging from Healthcare Delivery, Agriculture, Engineering, IT, Law, Fashion Technology, Hotel Management, Tourism Administration Pharmacy, Nursing, Business etc. They are inspired by an accomplished and highly qualified faculty consisting of over 16,000 committed individuals who share a common passion for education.

Having the fortune of being at the helm of the KLE Society, I humbly follow in the shadow of the visionary founders, inspired by their lofty principles, integrity and desire to serve society. As the KLE Society has celebrated its centenary year, I rededicate myself to its service with renewed enthusiasm and sincerely thank all those who have been part of this glorious journey of 100 years and countless dreams.

“Today we lead the students. Tomorrow our students will lead the world”

Mrs. Savita KS Patagundi


The KLE Fashion and Apparel Design course is unique as it focuses on transforming students into creative minds to explore their talents. The FAD curriculum in KLE is administrated in a highly practical oriented manner. Thus our students are employable not only in the Apparel Industry but also in related sector like retail, e-commerce, medical field and editorial. A unique approach to design education that believes in the power of change and the passion for innovation. “i believe that the students need a little creative minds and the willingness to work hard to convert their dreams into success. The rest, as they say, is history. So don’t worry about skills, they can be learnt. Instead, develop and articulate your talents which are your unique way of looking at the world. Today, the Fashion Industry is more fragmented and competitive than ever. But that also means it is ripe for bold and creative ideas that can leave a mark on the industry. All you need is a confidence and training and you can get there too”. We train our students to explore their higher education in abroad like United Kingdom, Scotland, United Sates and Australia with the world’s most prestigious design bodies and colleges.

“Today’s creative students are Tomorrow’s future Designers”